miSS U!!!!

When I close my eyes before sleeping,
I watch u in the dark, 
When im sleeping,
I watch u in my dreams, 
When I open my eyes,
I found u before my eyes..
And then I start Missing u for all the Day...
There are 24 hours in a DayNight,
10 hours for work, 
8 hours for sleeping, 
3 hours for eating, 
2 hours for exercise and 
1 hour for other activities, 
But all the 24 hours I do MISS U badly...

 Me and U are like Hare and Tortoise.
I remember u and miss u so fast like Hare,
But da only one thing make me very slow then u at last,
That is when u give me a SMILE

p/s:I miss you so much huny!!!

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Thanks sebab sudi singgah blog Mrs Mimi yang tak seberapa ni, sila komen my entry untuk memberi semangat...Love u olls!!!